The American Baking Competition Series Premiere Recap

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On Wednesday night CBS premiered its latest reality-competition series, The American Baking Competition. Unlike most cooking shows, which feature professional chefs, The American Baking Competition pits 10 amateur bakers against one another. The prizes: a cookbook publishing deal and $250,000.

Each episode—including this week’s premiere, “Pies and Tarts”—has three components: a “signature bake,” in which contestants are free to cook up a personal recipe; a “technical bake,” in which contestants are given a recipe with missing steps and must figure out how to complete their dishes; and a “show stopper,” which is like the signature bake, but fancier, I guess. This week’s challenges, everyone had to make a savory chicken and vegetable pie for the technical bake, and 36 tartlets for the showstopper.

Right away it’s easy to see there are some problems with the show’s format. The season started with 10 contestants, meaning that, after the three rounds, the audience has seen a total of 30 pies or tarts. That’s a lot of content to cram into 42 minutes, especially once you add in all the personalities and drama that make a competition show actually, you know, fun to watch.

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Glee Season 4 Finale Recap – Yearbook Edition

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Thursday night marked the fourth season finale of Glee, and, like every time I watch this show, I was simultaneously enthralled and horrified. It was like looking at a 42-minute car crash (with singing!). I don’t think anything this politically correct and simultaneously offensive has ever existed before. Only Ryan Murphy had the technology.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that next season will be very New York heavy (thank God), which means we’ll be seeing a lot less of the weird Lima/New York split that everyone hates. In celebration of this final episode, I have compiled yearbook superlatives for all the Glee characters I could remember—seriously, there’re like 50 people on this show.

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