Ten Scenes I Want to See on the Season Finale of True Blood

Full list and photo gallery originally published on Television Without Pity.

True Blood all but wrapped up its sixth season with last Sunday’s penultimate segment, “Life Matters.” With the finale airing in just a few short days, we countdown 10 satisfying ways the show could conclude its most recent batch of episodes. Knowing True Blood, we’ll probably be left with more loose ends than answers, but a fan can hope, right?

10. Pam and Eric Have a Moment
These two have been on the outs for far too long. The bonds between maker and made have always resulted in some of True Blood‘s most intense, captivating relationships — think of Eric and Godric, Bill and Jessica, Bill and Lorena, Tara and Pam, etc. And some of the most outstanding scenes from TB‘s early seasons involved Eric and Pam lovingly griping at each other — remember when Pam was pissed because Eric got blood in his newly-dyed hair? Since Eric set his progeny free and their relationship turned all Debby Downer on us, the show as a whole has lost a lot of its humor. In the second-to-last episode, it seemed like Eric was finally ready for a real reconciliation — until he decided to fly off into the sky like a commitment-phobic bottle rocket instead. Can’t they just rebuild Fangtasia and go back to being besties like we know they are deep down?

9. The Lilith Storyline Finally Ends
Enough with all this vampire religious mumbo-jumbo. That was so last season. Yes, True Bloodhas done well to include bits of mythology in the past — Maryanne Forster’s maenad in Season 2 was an excellent Big Bad, for example. But making Bill a demigod (or a prophet or part-Jesus or whatever) has, really, just made him boring. The fact that he’s almost invincible takes any tension out of his scenes, and Stephen Moyer’s face might be permanently stuck on “scowl” at this point. Instead of the fun, soapy Bill-Eric-Sookie love triangle that was the center of the show in the past, Bill now just acts like everyone’s humorless school principal, looking out to make sure they do what he says. In the finale, we hope Lilith abandons him as a failed disciple so he can get back to being good ol’ Vampire Bill again.

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